A Sigh of Love Synopsis
Source: UpdateTime:2015-09-23


The song “The Blossom Youth” is still soaring in the sky like thin fog. The best human love experience may just be as short as the ‘blossom youth’, or only a wishful thinking depending on chances.


Act One

Scene Ⅰ

In 1930s, in front of Shi Ku Men of Shanghai, different kinds of people are passing through the street. A Lin, a cynical man, is teasing with others in the street. Couple WANG and Couple LI moves into the same Shi Ku Men.

Scene Ⅱ

Under the same roof, Mr. LI, a writer, puts himself into writing. After Mrs. WANG’s farewell to her husband who will go on business to Japan, Mrs. LI goes to work hurriedly. Life looks nothing exciting, but the atmosphere in the Shi Ku Men seems strange.


Mrs. WANG goes to buy Hun Tun where she meets Mr. LI. A kind of warmth and liking spread between them.

Scene Ⅳ

In the ball room, the hosts and guests revel in the dance. Couple WANG and Couple LI come to dance. Gradually, Mr. WANG invites Mrs. LI to dance together leaving the ball room discreetly. Mrs. WANG and Mr. LI finally realize the love affair of their spouses.


Under the dim light, Mr. LI meets with Mrs. WANG when they come back from work. They pour out the pain to each other and try to comfort the other’s broken heart. The same destiny makes their hearts go closer.


Act Two 


The war breaks out. In front of the Shi Ku Men, Mr. WANG elopes with Mrs. LI. A Lin sees them leaving and tells the news to Mr. LI.


In the sitting room, Madame ZHU, the owner of the Shi Ku Men, sees Mr. WANG’s tie lying on the sofa and remembers the good time of her singing and dancing career. Mr. LI puts his love in his novel. Mr. LI and Mrs. WANG see the illusions of themselves.


People are trying to flee from the war while Mrs. WANG is crying hopelessly in the corner. A Lin brings her the news that Mr. LI is waiting for her in a hotel.


Mrs. WANG goes to the hotel where their emotion burst out. The sound of bombing is closer and closer. The starting of the two lovers ends because of the war.



The war ends in a few years and Mr. Li comes back to the Shi Ku Men.  Mr. Li watches Mrs. WANG with a son disappearing in the crowd, leaving himself with a sigh of love.