Contemporary Ballet Echoes of Eternity
Source: UpdateTime£º2015-09-22

A maiden of the Yangs to womanhood just grown.
In inner chambers bred, to the world was unknown.
Endowed with natural beauty too hard to hide.
One day she stood selected for the monarch’s side.
Turning her head, she smiled so sweet and full of grace.
That she outshone in six palaces the fairest face.
She bathed in glassy water of warm-fountain pool.
Which laved and smoothed her creamy skin when spring was cool.
She slept till sun rose high, for the blessed night was short.
From then on the monarch held no longer morning court.
In revels as in feasts she shared her lord’s delight.
His companion on trips and his mistress at night.
The lofty palace towered high into blue cloud.
With wind-borne music so divine the air was loud.
Seeing slow dance and hearing fluted or stringed song.
The emperor was never tired the whole day long.
But rebels beat their war drums, making the earth quake.
And “Song of Rainbow Skirt and Coat of Feathers” break.
A cloud of dust was raised o’er city walls nine-fold.
Thousands of chariots and horsemen southwestward rolled.


Imperial flags moved slowly now and halted then.
And thirty miles from Western Gate they stopped again.
Six armies would not march -- what could be done? -- with speed.
Until the Lady Yang was killed before the steed.
None would pick up her hairpin fallen to the ground.
Or golden bird and comb with which her head was crowned.
The monarch could not save her and hid his face in fear.
Turning his head, he saw her blood mix with his tear.
When she heard there came the monarch’s embassy.
The queen was startled out of dreams in her canopy.
She bade him thank her lord, lovesick and brokenhearted.
They knew nothing of each other after they parted.
Love and happiness long ended within palace walls.
Days and months appeared long in the fairyland halls.
Turning her head and fixing on the earth her gaze.
She saw no capital ’mid clouds of dust and haze.
On seventh day of seventh moon when none was near.
At midnight in Long Life Hall he whispered in her ear,
“On high, we’d be two lovebirds flying wing to wing.
On earth, two trees with branches twined from spring to spring.”
The boundless sky and endless earth may pass away.
But this vow unfulfilled will be regretted for aye.