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Act I
In a small village under a beautiful hill, there lived a country girl named Giselle, who was fond of dancing.
The Count Albrecht, who often dropped in onto this village, took off his overcoat and sword, then hid them inside the hut nearby, and disguised himself as a peasant. He asked to dance with Giselle and then to marry her.
The young hunter Hilarion was also in love with Giselle. He was so doubtful of the identity of Albrecht.
After having picked up the grape the villagers returned to their village and held a party to celebrate the harvest. The Duke Courland and his daughter Bathilde, together with their servants, happened to pass by at this time. They were warmly welcomed by Giselle and her mother, Berthe. Hilarion disclosed the truth of Albrecht, and took out his sword hidden inside the hut, and declared that Albrecht was the Count of Silisia, who had made an engagement with the Princess Bathilde. When Giselle realized that she had been deceived, she was out of her mind, and was knocked down on the spot by heart attack.

Act II
At the silent graveyard, there was a new grave buried Giselle. When at midnight, groups of the Wilis in plain wedding dress were dancing in the moonlight. They were all the ghosts of those young girls who were deserted by their lovers. For the revenge, the Wilis often surrounded those young men walking into the forest, and danced together with them till they died in exhausted.
Hilarion and Albrecht came to the graveyard successively and lamented for Giselle in front of her grave. Hilarion was surrounded by the Wilis and could not pull himself away, and finally was thrown into the lake nearby. The Wilis also surrounded Albrecht, but Giselle pray Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis not to harm the man she loved. Myrtha still forced Albert to dance till exhausted. Just at the time when Albrecht was in danger, the day broke, and the dawn destroyed the witchcraft. The Wilis vanished one by one, and Albrecht felt grief and isolated.