Jane Eyre
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The wasteland, at dusk

Jane, governess of Thornfield Hall meets her employer Mr. Rochester for the  first time. They get fascinated by each other but the early part of their relationship consists of his attempts to disconcert her, and her refusal to be disconcerted.



Living room in Thornfield

Despite her attachment to Mr. Rochester, Jane’s sense of dignity holds her back from the byronic master. Meanwhile, Mr. Rochester feels the existence of Bertha. Between love and hate, they are longing to touch each other.



Rochester’s bedroom, in midnight

Bertha sets a fire, and Rochester is rescued by Jane. Bertha’s love for Mr. Rochester turns into resentment. Recovering from the shock, Mr. Rochester and Jane are surrounded by happiness of love.



Living room in Thornfield

At the centre of attraction, Mr. Rochester dances with Blanche, full of flirtation and flaunt. In jealousy, Jane tries to leave the ball. Mr. Rochester begs her to stay but is refused. He thinks Jane and Bertha share the same sadness and dolorousness. Mr. Rochester proposes to Jane.



The church

Mr. Mason comes to stop Mr. Rochester Jane’s wedding. Jane fells into desperation though Mr. Rochester reaffirms his love. Bertha snuggles with Mr. Rochester which distresses Jane greatly. Lost in illusion, Bertha picks up the wedding gown.



The wasteland

Jane recalls her childhood friend Helen while Bertha is confined in the attic. In shame and anguish, she leaves Thornfield, running across the wasteland until exhausted. St. John turns up.



Living room of St. John’s House.

Jane renews her hope of life thanks to the reader care by St. John, Mary and Anna. St. John confesses his love but is turned down by Jane, who is still in love with Mr. Rochester.




Heavily drunk, Mr. Rochester gets confused whether the woman in front of him is Bertha or Jane. Bertha sets the house on a raging fire. In deep love and deep hatred, Bertha committed suicide.




Jane cannot believe what Ms. Fairfax has told her about Mr. Rochester. She returns to Thornfield only to find it in blackened ruins.                Rochester and Jane reunited in immeasurable joy.



On the street, today

The ferocious depth of love turns Rochester, Bertha and Jane into three angles, sensitive, simple and sincere.